Redefine Smarter Collaboration with PeopleLink i20 Plus Videobar

Redefine Smarter Collaboration with PeopleLink i20 Plus Videobar

Redefine Smarter Collaboration with PeopleLink i20 Plus Videobar

The new generation audio and video conference bar PeopleLink i20 Plus is integrated with 2K ePTZ camera, 4 microphones and independent speakers as one device. The intelligent ePTZ face-tracking camera helps track each movement, giving us a real and seamless conference experience.

With exclusive audio 3A algorithm, conference sound source acquisition and accurate noise suppression ensure everyone hears and be heard clearly. I20 Plus Webcam is compatible with most video conferencing applications.

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  • Key Features:

    2K ePTZ camera: Sony sensor, 94° diagonal field of view 90° horizontal angle of view.

    Microphone: Built-in highly sensitive microphone array for 360° voice pickup with radius up to 3 meters, Wide coverage, and clear reception.

    Built-in speaker: Built-in high power speaker, AGC automatic gain Control, clear sound quality.

    AI face tracking: With auto framing and face tracking function, it accurately collects meeting scenes and positioning of figures Clear and natural, rich in detail.

    Audio 3A algorithm: Audio 3A algorithm for accurate noise reduction, Echo cancellation, AGC automatic gain.

    Built-in phase inversion hole: Phase inversion hole improves sound quality, Excellent audio performance. Works with most video conferencing applications Compatible with most of video conferencing software apps, like PeopleLink inVc, Skype for Business, Zoom, WebEx, and so on.

    Plug-and-play USB connectivity: Built-in 1.8 meters USB cable, plug-and-play with any PC or UC platform.

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