White Board Solution Long Throw

White Board Solution Long Throw

PeopleLink Interactive White Board Solution Kit, PeopleLink Interactive WhiteBoard solution connected to your long throw projector will turn your regular whiteboard into a fully featured interactive whiteboard. You can take notes, annotate PowerPoint presentations, and turn any surface into a fully functional Interactive board. Interactive whiteboards are an essential requirement for Education and Corporate Training today – Be it a classroom education, Corporate presentation or Virtual Classroom solution, an interactive way of presenting ideas and content is essential to hold the attention of the audience. PeopleLink Interactive whiteboard kit turns Training, Business Meetings, Presentations, and Classroom Learning into more fruitful, interesting, and interactive sessions, keeping the audience engaged and more attentive. It is a Portable USB based Interactive whiteboard kit that converts any plain wall, plain whiteboard, or projector screen into an Interactive whiteboard. It supports Windows-based computers, laptop, mini PC, and works with all branded/unbranded projectors with Long Throw. With the Ergonomic design of the pen, which is easy to hold and write with, it easily glides over the writing surface, making it a seamless interactive experience. The Portable Interactive Whiteboard kit by PeopleLink is very Easy to install and Use. Installation is simple with a Velcro Sticker, which can be fixed over the top or bottom of the projectors, based on table mount or ceiling mount modes respectively. It is maintenance-free and easy to carry around Kit, making it one of the best portable Interactive whiteboard solutions in the market today.

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Key Features

Interactive Surface: providing almost upto 150” Interactive Surface.

Interactive WBS: Interactive WBS helps hold audience attention

Interactive White Board: Turn any surface into an Interactive White Board.

Portable design: Portable & Sleek design.

Touch Display: Multi touch recognition for much enhanced collaboration.

Applications Of Interactive White Board Solution

  • Area of Application: Classrooms, Training Rooms,Boardrooms, Auditoriums.

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